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150 Hour Online TESOL Course Japan

INTESOL Japan provides online training courses where students can study at their own pace.     Your personal tutor will support you through detailed feedback and guidance. In the 150 hour programme, students are provided with a 300-page textbook and submit about 40 tasks, which includes preparation of their own lesson materials.  The course is not provided onsite at this stage.

TESOL Course Aims

The overall aim is to provide a thorough course which includes a balance between the theory and methodology of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and to thoroughly prepare our trainees for teaching in any environment.


Minimum of A levels/High School Diploma (although work experience and life experience are taken into account for those who have opted for a vocational path rather than an academic one)

Native speaker OR Non-native speaker (IELTS Academic 6.0 / IELTS General 6.5 / TOEFL iBT 74 / EIKEN Grade 1 / Cambridge exams FCE Grade A, CAE Grade C or higher – please note that any external exam result, e.g.IELTS is only valid two years prior to application).

Alternatively, you can have a level check test. That is a simple take-home test consisting of reading comprehension and essay writing. If you take the level check test, please submit the application form. We will send you a test material in return.

INTESOL Japan is an IELTS recognising organisation. (IELTS)

TESOL Course Structure

The course consists of 4 units (a total of 10 modules) each of which is marked and returned with comments and guidance from the trainers. The modules submitted are continually assessed, there are no written examinations.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Study Skills
(not assessed) – how best to organise your study time.

Pre Module Grammars
Self-assessed tasks with answers provided to help with Unit 2 The Study of English.

Unit 2: The Study of English
Module 1 – grammar-tasks on the understanding of grammar, tense & structure – to be completed with the use of a grammar book.

Module 2 – phonetics – tasks relating to the phonetic alphabet(given), stress & intonation.
Module 3 – lexis – tasks relating to the presentation of vocabulary, compound words, word stems, language appropriacy & frequency.

Unit 3: The Teaching and Learning of ESOL
Module 1 – basic principles – answers from your own experience, the course materials & handbook on

1) the blocks which may prevent learning

2) motivation

3) communicative competence.

Module 2 – reading and listening – tasks based on exploitation of authentic materials i.e. magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts etc.

Module 3 – speaking and writing – tasks based as above but with a more productive bias – getting your students to produce language

Module 4 – visual aids – study of all the audio-visual aids available. Production of your own flashcards and aids to be used with a simple flannelgraph.

Module 5 – error – looking at authentic student errors, classifying them, using a correction code, producing remedial exercises and improving your own practice.

Unit 4: Lesson Planning
Module 1 – classroom management – task relating to student teacher relationships and how to achieve genuine communication inside and outside the classroom.

Module 2 – lesson stages and plans – putting all the above into a lesson; timing; warm-up; input; practice and production stages of your lessons.

Your personal tutor will support you.

Assessment and Grading

The course is continually assessed – there are no final examinations. You will be set tasks throughout the course, which are submitted for assessment by your trainers. These tasks are graded and returned with comments and guidance for your development.

At INTESOL Japan we pride ourselves on personalised service, and we are constantly available to offer individual support and coaching. This means that your success on the course is virtually guaranteed.

Duration of the course

The length of time it takes to complete the course depends on your other commitments. There are approximately 150+ hours of work in the course. As a general guideline most students complete the course within 6-9 months, however if more time is required, this is not a problem. 150 Hour Online TESOL Course is valid for 1 year commencing from the date enrollment is completed. If you are in a hurry, for example due to an overseas deadline, inform your tutor who will guide you through the course and enable you to complete it more quickly.

After Completion – Award of Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive:

  • ALAP 150 Hour Certificate in TESOL
  • ALAP Course Transcript (showing the content you have studied)

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded an INTESOL Certificate with one of the following grades:

  • A1 – Distinction
  • A2 – Excellent
  • B1 – Very good
  • B2 – Good
  • C – Pass

ALAP Accreditation

ALAP_mediumINTESOL Worldwide TESOL/TEFL courses are accredited and certified by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based Awarding Organisation.

ALAP is an accrediting organisation that specialises in the ELT industry.ALAP is supported by an esteemed Academic Panel who are all experts in the field of English Language Teaching. The ALAP panel oversee matters related to academic quality, ensuring that the value of an ALAP Certificate is upheld.

Gaining a TESOL Certificate Awarded Through ALAP.

What This Means to You, the Student!

  • You receive a graded TESOL certificate direct from ALAP.
  • You will receive a Course Transcript direct from ALAP showing what you have studied and how many hours.
  • Employers worldwide will know that your course is of a high academic standard.
  • Your TESOL certification course is moderated and the procedures are checked by an external body.
  • Your course provider and awarding body are investing in quality and are committed to giving excellent service.

Now proud to offer TEFL/TESOL dual certification and verification option direct from the awarding body. For more information click here

Sample ALAP Certificate

What’s included in the course

TESOL course accreditation by ALAP – a specialst UK ELT awarding organisation.
Graded TESOL certificate direct from ALAP.
Course transcript direct from ALAP showing what you have studied and the number of hours.
Course materials can be downloaded from the member site throughout the duration of your enrolment
Support, detailed feedback and guidance from a personal tutor.
E-mail contact during your enrolment to assist with difficulties in any aspect of the course.
Written reference from the INTESOL Japan Director of Studies if required.
Course entry level check for non-native speakers of English.


Course Fees

150 Hour Online TESOL Course 44,800 yen

The course materials can be downloaded in the member site.
The course fee can be paid in 3 instalments:

If you pay in 3 installments:

  • 1st 24,800 yen
  • 2nd 10,000 yen
  • 3rd 10,000 yen.


  • For all fees 1st instalment is payable on registration,
  • 2nd instalment is due one calendar month later
  • and 3rd payment one further calendar month later.
  • Please note: There are no set start dates. You decide when you start.

For those who apply for the TESOL course now, we are giving away a game example book and lesson plan example book for a student-centred, communication-activating class. Click for full story

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