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INTESOL Recognition

First of all, why should you choose INTESOL?

INTESOL International is a global organisation that prides itself on the quality of tuition and support we lavish on all of our trainees. INTESOL may not be the cheapest provider of accredited TESOL courses but we do provide the greatest value for money. Providing an excellent service is about more than just quality course materials (although this is of upmost importance of course!), it’s also about the level of support you receive as a student and as a graduate.

Are INTESOL courses internationally recognised?

Yes. All INTESOL Certificates are awarded through ALAP, a specialist international ELT Awarding Organisation. This means INTESOL will provide you with a fully internationally recognised qualification recognised and respected by employers worldwide.

On completion of an INTESOL courses what will be my teacher status?

You will be an accredited international English teacher, qualified to teach English to anyone who doesn’t have English as their first language, in any country around the world.

Entry Requirements

What qualifications do I need?

  • Native speaker OR Non-native speaker (IELTS Academic 6.0 / IELTS General 6.5 / TOEFL iBT 74 / EIKEN Grade 1 / Cambridge exams FCE Grade A, CAE Grade C or higher – please note that any external exam result, e.g.IELTS is only valid two years prior to application) Alternatively, you can have a level check with one of our academic staff.
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Minimum of A levels/High School Diploma (although work experience and life experience are taken into account for those who have opted for a vocational path rather than an academic one)

Do I need to be a native English speaker to teach English?

No. Many non-native English speakers are currently enjoying teaching English. A good command of written and spoken English is essential. Many schools like to employ non-native English teachers because they feel they understand what it is like to learn English as a second language and this enables them to explain and empathise with their students. We request a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent.


How do I apply?

Online: The quickest and easiest way.

How can I pay?

If enrolling on a distance course you can pay using any major credit/debit card or bank transfer.

When will I receive my course materials?

For courses that involve supported distance learning, your course materials will be dispatched within 7 days.

General TESOL Questions

TEFL, TESOL and TESL – What do they all mean?

Basically they all mean the same thing. They are terms used to describe the teaching of the English Language to students who are not native English speakers. The main difference is where the teaching takes place.

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Refers to teaching English overseas to those whose first language is not English.
TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language
Refers to teaching English in your home country to those whose first language is not English.
TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
A more up to date term that encompasses both TEFL and TESL, widely recognised worldwide

TEFL and TESOL tend to be used interchangeably in practice, which is why we use both terms on our website.

What is a Certificate in TESOL/TEFL?

An accredited Certificate such as the INTESOL Cert TESOL is an initial qualification that qualifies you to teach English to speakers of other languages in a variety of environments, i.e. public schools, private institutes and companies. In order for a Certificate to be internationally recognised it must be at least 100 hours in length, therefore introductory certificates shorter than 100 hours are not considered suitable. The INTESOL Cert TESOL is around 150 hours in length and externally validated and moderated by ALAP, as being equivalent to level 4 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

What is a Diploma in TESOL/TEFL?

A Diploma in TESOL is an advanced level course designed for practising teachers with at least one year of post-certificate teaching experience. Diploma courses are generally 300 – 400 hours in length and require you to be teaching at the time of study. A Diploma in TESOL gives you access to higher level positions such as Director of Studies, Assistant Director of Studies, Lead Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Beware of course providers labelling courses as ‘diploma’ if they are less than 300 hours in length and do not require you to already hold a certificate with at least one year of post-certificate experience; these are not recognised Diplomas!

Do I need a TESOL certificate to teach?

There are still a few schools around who will take on unqualified teachers but they will typically pay less and be in less desirable locations. As an INTESOL graduate you will have access to the best jobs in the most popular locations. You will also be fully prepared for your teaching experience.

Do I need to speak the local language of the country in which I’m teaching?

No. In fact more often than not you will be asked not to speak the local language in class even if you do know it!

Can I use INTESOL as a referee for job applications?

Yes, you can use the INTESOL Director of Studies as a referee for all future TESOL job applications.

Distance Learning

How long will it take to complete the course?

The INTESOL distance learning approach enables you to work as quickly or as slowly as you wish. The approximate course length is 150 hours so that you can calculate how long it may take you.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. To download the course materials and to submit your work by e-mail, you will need access to a computer with an Internet connection.

What support will I receive while I’m on the course?

Your personal tutor will support you through detailed feedback and guidance. A centralised team of TESOL Advisors are also available to assist you. If you feel you are in difficulties with any aspect of the course you are able to contact us by email, phone, fax or letter.

Who are the tutors?

All of our tutors are experienced teachers that are qualified to a high level, also with experience teaching English abroad.

When will my work be returned to me?

It is the policy of INTESOL for tutors to return all course work within 7 working days of receipt, exclusive of weekends and public holidays. If you need to complete the course within a short timeframe please let us know and we will assign you a tutor who will work with you to achieve your goal. You are able to work on your next course module whilst marking is in progress. You are able to send through your task without waiting for feedback if you wish.

When will I receive my certificates?

As soon as you have completed and passed your INTESOL course your certificates will be printed and forwarded to you. You should receive them in approximately 5 weeks.

After the course

Does INTESOL provide job placement assistance?

Yes. We provide students with a comprehensive listing of language schools, agencies, recruiters, and web sites advertising.

Does the INTESOL certificate expire?

No, INTESOL provides you with qualifications and life skills that last for life.

Cancellations and refunds

Please check our terms and conditions carefully.