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Below are just some of the comments we have received from students who have completed their training with INTESOL.


I highly recommend INTESOL Japan – when I arrived in Japan I was keen to give other people of different nationalities the confidence to speak English – I had never given a English lesson before so I decided to get some guidance to teaching. I myself learnt so much through INTESOL Japan – the modules are clear and I found the course challenging enough to keep me excited about learning. The course work flows well and you are able to build on knowledge learnt from previous modules. The feedback I received after submitting each module was constructive and always gave me confidence to continue. I have managed to help teach a little Japanese boy some English skills and I will definitely say this is through the knowledge I gained from INTESOL Japan.
I will continue to use my knowledge gained and appreciate the learning experience.


When I came to Japan, I was introduced to the world of ESL. During that time, I was wrestling with studying Japanese and doing part-time English teaching jobs. I wanted to study the basics ESL on my own time and become a better teacher as well, That’s why I decided to enroll with INTESOL Japan. Every part of the course is valuable and informative. It helped me nail down the basics of building a good classroom and making effective lesson plans for my students. I thoroughly enjoyed every module and tasks given to me. My tutor, Frank, never failed to give me insightful feedback about my work and has assisted me throughout the course. I am grateful to have enrolled in this course and looking forward to furthering my knowledge with INTESOL Japan again. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to venture the world of ESL.

Michico K.

I completed my course in INTESOL Japan. And I still find it very useful. The reason I studied in INTESOL Japan because I wanted to improve my knowledge in english teaching and able to earn tesol certification for my future career as an English teacher not only here but overseas. I had fun studying in INTESOL Japan from what I experienced. I wound recommend INTESOL Japan with affordable price.


I’m an ALT on the JET Programme. After my first year, I finally understood the Japanese school system and the expectations of class work and activities. I decided to obtain my TESOL certificate at the beginning of the next school year, so I could further understand how to make the classroom more interesting and how to construct organized lesson plans. I decided to pick INTESOL Japan’s 180-hour course because the price was affordable and it’s an approved course. It also has many positive reviews, so I decided to choose this course. The program is easy to follow and I was able to complete one unit per 1-2 weeks. My tutor was also prompt on grading my assignments and answering any questions I had. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to gain their TESOL certificate on a lower budget.

Joshua Park

After working two years in Japan as an ALT, I was looking for avenues where I could develop more as an educator. I enjoyed teaching and wanted to further my career. I heard about TESOL teaching certificates from a friend, and after some research online I came across INTESOL Japan. I was interested in them since they focused on learners in Japan, where I was living. I registered for the 150 hour course, and it was very enlightening. Although a little challenging, the lessons I learned from the course have helped me immensely in my career and have really helped me find success in the classroom to say the least. My tutor, Mr. Rocco Nigro was a great support and was always there to give me great feedback on my work. He also continued to support me even after I had finished my course and was looking for my next job. I recommend INTESOL Japan to anyone who is looking for new insight on teaching methodology and furthering their career as an ESOL educator.


I fully enjoyed the 180-hour INTESOL Course, which was quite informative with regard to both conceptual guidance on how to become a good teacher and specific teaching techniques and ideas. The course provided me with invaluable training, useful knowledge and information, and confidence to pursue a new career. I am completely satisfied with this course, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for high quality training in teaching English.


It was only after working as an Assistant Language Teacher for two and a half years that I determined to study TEFL/TESOL formally. Having no education on the teaching of English, or even teaching at all, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what to look for in a TESOL course. I think I was fortunate to have chosen to take the INTESOL course as the lessons and skills that I learned have proven priceless. The practical and sensible information in the course is supported by theoretical discourse that helps you build a variety of skills on top of a strong TESOL foundation. I would definitely add my voice to those saying you will not regret studying TESOL through INTESOL.


I am from a person from non-native English country. But I have learnt English and followed a number of English courses at institutions and a Diploma in a university. So I worked as an English teacher. During that period I thought to follow TESOL 180 hours course .My tutor was Mr. Rocco Nigro who always helped me with my questions and feedback me soon. INTESOL is a high quality training and its guidance necessary for teaching at a professional level English. It conducts a special programme called Webinar which is useful for students who want to know more facts about the unit. So I recommend the INTESOL Course who hope to success teaching career.


I had been teaching English for four years at a private institution and and a college when I decided to take this course. It was when I started to find some aspect of teaching extremely difficult. I am satisfied with this course because it gave me some ideas for new teaching methods. I would recommend this course to current teachers who are struggling and/or willing to learn and try a new method of teaching, and prospectus teachers who wish to learn what teaching English is like. I guarantee that you will find new ideas that will stay with you for your entire teaching career.

Toshi Kimura

Having been brought up in the States, “English” is my native language, communication tool, and a big part of my life. I started teaching English 5 years ago, and was keen to seek chances to study “English Teaching Methodology” so that I can teach English in a structured manner. Then I came across “TESOL”. TESOL course was a great opportunity for a native speaker like me to learn the tactics and practical skills of teaching English to non-native English speakers. Taking full advantage of my teaching experience, I introduced many examples when completing the given tasks, which resulted in high marks. This allowed me to gain self-confidence along with fresh notations from Mr. Rocco Nigro which enabled me to broaden my lesson planning view. TESOL, being an internationally recognized qualification, not only enabled me to widen my opportunities in teaching English as a career, but also provided me extra confidence in teaching English. I would like to take every opportunity to pursue progress and spare no effort to become an English teacher in Europe or in the States.

ALT in Japan

After being an Assistant Language Teacher on the (JET) Programme for the past two years, enrolling in the 150-hour on-line TESOL course was a great way for me to further enhance my knowledge about teaching English to non native speakers. The modules of this course were very practical and the assignments given allowed you to think critically and assess the methods you use in the classroom. Completing tasks and reading the chapters associated with each module and unit allowed me to troubleshoot problems I had in the past with my classes and as I became more engaged and involved in the course I noticed a remarkable change in the way I approached planning my lessons and the way I designed activities which I wanted my students to participate in and complete. Studying the components and key aspects of TESOL in this course was not only informative for me but it proved to be beneficial for my students as I was now able to improve the quality of my lessons and also help them to enjoy learning English much more. I would recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about teaching TESOL and in particular to anyone who has no formal qualifications or training in this field. I think this course adequately equips you with some useful basic tools needed for TESOL while building your confidence as a teacher. In addition to all these positive attributes, the staff and tutors associated with this course are very polite and professional. They always address the concerns you have and are always readily available to you to offer you support and advice when you need it. Furthermore, your assignments are assessed objectively and professionally and the feedback which you receive about your work is always an in-depth analysis which shows how you can improve on your teaching ideas and methodologies. Overall the atmosphere and quality of service you receive from INTESOL-Japan is very professional and it was a pleasure working with the entire staff associated with this programme.

Matt Wheelton

Wanting to try something new in life, I decided to pack my bags and move from Australia to Japan. Having been outside of school for 10 years the 150-hour INTESOL Course quickly refreshed my English basics and provided an insight to the skills that would be required in the classroom for my future occupation. Doing the course online meant I didn’t have to sacrifice a lot as I could work at my own pace and my tutor Rocco, was always there for assistance when needed and supplied fantastic feedback for all my assessments. I recommend the 150-hour INTESOL Course to anyone considering a career in teaching English abroad.

Scott Johnson

I have worked in Japan for several years and recently decided to refine my teaching skills by pursuing further training, credentials, and qualifications. Although there are many programs that may offer certification, I chose INTESOL because of their excellent reputation to provide high quality training and overall professionalism. INTESOL provided me with the training and guidance necessary for teaching at a professional level within any context and situation. My studies included teaching curricula, methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning, assessment procedures, and much more. My tutor was always available to answer my questions and provided me with invaluable feedback. I highly recommend the INTESOL course for anyone serious about obtaining TESOL training and certification.


After spending two and a half years as an assistant language teacher the 150 hour INTESOL course helped prepare me for taking over my own classroom. It helped to draw my attention to the finer details of putting together a lesson and has given me ideas to bring to my current classroom. The modules were very helpful, good sized chunks focusing on a different aspect of teaching which gave me some new perspectives and helped refine some old one. I did feel though there was a lack of applied skills, for example marking a long piece of writing or resolving a classroom conflict. Whilst both aspects are covered, there was little chance to apply the skills learned during the course. Whilst I have some experience in both this could be something people completely new to teaching would struggle with.

Sally Kitagawa

The 150-hour INTESOL Course was quite inspiring to me. I’ve been teaching English in Japan for years and have been quite comfortable with my experience. Still, I’ve learned a lot from the course and from my trainer, who I found really professional and has given me the encouraging feedback. I will move to Montreal next year and keep pursing my teaching career there. For those who intend to seek the English-teaching career abroad, the TESOL certificate is a must in many countries and earning it online with INTESOL is a good and efficient way to realize it. Good luck to you all.

Isao Tokoro

[After retirement from the business field where I worked for more than 40 years, I wanted to be an English teacher.] It was good to learn at this point of time the matters that English teacher should know or do in the class, such as teachers to teach communication, importance of involvement of students and caring teacher. The course also helped me to put important technical matters (grammar, pronunciation, etc.) in order. I enjoyed the candid comments of Rocco.

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