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UK Accreditation

INTESOL Japan is part of the INTESOL Worldwide Group of Accredited Course Providers.

ALAP Accreditation

INTESOL Worldwide TESOL/TEFL courses are accredited and certified by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based Awarding Organisation.  ALAP is an accrediting organisation that specialises in the ELT industry.ALAP is supported by an esteemed Academic Panel who are all experts in the field of English Language Teaching. The ALAP panel oversee matters related to academic quality, ensuring that the value of an ALAP Certificate is upheld. ALAP_medium

Gaining a TESOL Certification Awarded Through ALAP

What This Means to You, the Student!

  • You receive a graded TESOL certificate direct from ALAP.
  • You will receive a Course Transcript direct from ALAP showing what you have studied and how many hours.
  • Employers worldwide will know that your course is of a high academic standard.
  • Your TESOL certification course is moderated and the procedures are checked by an external body.
  • Your course provider and awarding body are investing in quality and are committed to giving excellent service.

Sample Certificate and Course Transcript

TEFL/TESOL Dual Certification and Verification Option

INTESOL Japan is now proud to offer dual certification and verification direct from the awarding body. When you receive feedback on your final task, your tutor will attach the two forms – Completion and Declaration Form. If you want dual certification, fill out both forms, check the box “Do you wish to receive dual certification?” on the completion form and return them to us. You will be contacted directly by ALAP, the awarding body, about the procedure.

Dual Certification

The terms TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are interchangeable, but you will find that some schools, even some governments, prefer one of these terms rather than the other. INTESOL Japan therefore now offers both certificates to students as an option.

Verification Letter Option

You can now also receive a verification letter to show a potential employer that your certificate is genuine. This is only available as a hard copy and only with a hard copy of your certificate and course transcript.

Who is Eligible?

These options are open to all INTESOL Japan students who complete a TESOL course. Past students who have completed an INTESOL TESOL course and have been awarded their certificate by ALAP can apply to the ALAP Exams Officer on for retrospective award of dual certification and verification letter.