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Open Session 2019 #1

TESOL Workshop – Communicative Approach [Online Delivery]

This will be an excellent opportunity to receive expert guidance from tutors who have numerous years of TESOL experience in Japan and abroad. The session is 45 minutes in length and is limited to up to 10 trainees.

  • Copy of seminar materials will be given
  • Attendees are welcome to participate in any discussions if they wish


Our workshop will be delivered by Rocco Nigro, our Director of Studies. Rocco has more than 23 years of experience in the English Language Teaching (ELT) field as a teacher, teacher trainer, assessor and manager. His experience has been gained in Australia, Japan and China in addition to work he has done with online delivery.

Rocco is a strong believer of maximising student participation in the classroom through the use of communicative approaches, so students have a much more rewarding and productive time with their teacher and fellow classmates.


This workshop will focus on some key areas of classroom management and teaching methods that are used in communicative teaching. The items that will be covered in the workshop will include:

[1] Seating Arrangements
How to organise students in the best way with various classroom activities such as role plays, discussions or grammar lessons.

[2] Reducing Teacher Talking Time (T.T.T.)
How to minimise the amount the teacher speaks during the lesson in tasks such as giving instructions and teaching vocabulary.

[3] Increasing Student Talking Time (S.T.T.)
How to increase student talking time and student participation, demonstrated through the analysis of a sample plan for a reading lesson. Time is also spent on looking at involving students more in a grammar lesson in the warmer, presentation, controlled practice and freer practice stages.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

The workshop is aimed at teachers who are teaching in middle and high schools who are looking at ways of motivating their students more during their lessons. It is also helpful for those who are teaching children or adults in private language schools where there are high student expectations regarding the improvement of communicative skills.

Date & Time:

Wed 23 January, 21:00 – 21:45JT

Session Requirements:

This programme is provided via Skype Group Video*. Participation in a session requires (1) a PC (2) a broadband connection and (3) a headset.

* As of June 2015, Skype for iPad or iPhone does not support Skype Group Video calls.

Session Fee:

1,000 yen

Online TESOL Seminar

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